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Benefits and nutritional value of coconut

Coconut is a fruit that is extremely tasty and nutritious. In its raw state it is called dab and after ripening it is called jhuna coconut. Coconut water, coconut milk and coconut oil are excellent foods rich in nutrients. Many fun dishes are made with coconut. Coconut naru, coconut sandesh, pitha puli, payesh etc. are some of them. Coconut also has a lot of nutritional value. Each 100 grams of coconut contains 354 calories, 33 grams of fat, 20 milligrams of sodium, 356 milligrams of potassium, 15 grams of carbohydrates and 3.3 grams of protein. It also contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B-6 and B-12. Dear reader, then learn about the benefits and nutritional value of coconut-

Softens the skin: Coconut helps to keep the skin soft by retaining moisture. Regular consumption of coconut makes the skin soft and beautiful. Coconut also prevents age-related wrinkles on the skin. Keeps hair good: Coconut helps to keep hair good. Regular consumption of coconut removes dandruff and dryness and stops hair loss.

Strengthens: Coconut contains extra calories which instantly energizes the body. So if you get tired in the middle of work or if you are lightly hungry, eat coconut and immediately wake up. Keeps the heart healthy: Coconut lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood and eliminates heart problems. The fatty acid chains in coconut do not increase cholesterol but help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and keep the heart healthy.

Keeps teeth and bones well: Coconut helps in the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the bones and plays a role in the formation of teeth and bones. Coconut medicine works as a treatment for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, any bone related disease. Helps in digestion: Coconut helps in digestion process and helps in absorption of various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. sexy sex video,  Moreover, coconut enhances immunity. Coconut milk works well for liver disease, hepatitis C, jaundice and other liver diseases. Regular consumption of coconut greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and some other cancers.

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